Bespoke Training

Simon on stage

Increase your sales!

The areas of bespoke training that our specialists cover include:


Help you to improve conversion rates and increase your profits.

Customer Service

Enables a better understanding of customer needs and offers tailored solutions.

Management / Supervisory

Explore smart solutions to create a motivated and healthy team.

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

This online training is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced level designers. 

Improve customer engagement, understanding the needs of clients, objection handling techniques, how to agree to progressing onto the next stage and alternative options for closing the sale.

Within our training centre, relevant ‘original films’ will be shown to demonstrate scenarios for a group discussion which increases the interaction within the training. For larger groups, these can be personalised accordingly.

The course utilises 30 years + worth of KBB and Merchant sales experience from primary tutor Simon Acres, who was formerly the Group Sales Director at Omega PLC and former Retail Corporate Chairman of KBSA Association. Alongside Simon Acres is his experienced training team supporting the course.

Why is training important?

  • It allows you to learn smart solutions.
  • It allows you to adopt new techniques.
  • You can exchange your experiences. 
  • You will be in a KBB dedicated learning group, meaning it is designed specifically for you and the industry. 
  • It increases company profits. 

“Customers will buy if you engage with them correctly and by first, asking plenty of questions.
Sharing your enthusiasm and agreeing the next stage will deliver your results.”

Simon Acres
acredited sales training in Raunds

Training packages

acredited sales training with Simon

Face to Face

Day modules include:

  • showroom sales skills (entry)
  • showroom sales skills (advanced)
  • kitchen design (entry)
  • kitchen design (advanced)
  • bathroom design (entry)
  • bathroom design (advanced)
  • project management
  • customer service
  • interior design for KBB (materials, mood-boards etc.)
  • one to one coaching
  • supervisor / manager training
Acredited Sales Training with Simon in Nothingham


A fully bespoke training experience with one of our industry specialists.

Our team of consultants will prepare and deliver a fully managed and unique training program tailored to your needs.

From reviewing sales and operational procedures to offering one-to-one coaching with individual staff members, our team have demonstrated results in increasing order volumes and boosting revenue.

Every bespoke training is completed with a certificate

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