Customer Engagement Showroom Sales Training – online course

Turn your work with the clients into a vehicle for your success

It’s smart to invest to improve your team’s skills.
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What’s included

Specific to KBB, improve best practices
in showroom customer engagement.

  • Five modules of video content
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Complimentary access to a specific KBB FB Group
Customer engagement showroom sales training

Learning outcomes

  1. Understanding the sales process

2. Understanding customer engagement

3. Understanding handling objections

4. Understanding buying signals

5. Understanding closing the sale


“When a customer visits your showroom, the first impression counts. If not handled correctly, there may  not be a second chance for a second visit.

For many years I have adjusted and perfected my sales methods by watching other sales professionals and learning from the best.

I have learned that it`s really better to work wisely than laboriously.

The key to your success is a proven process and techniques that can be easily and quickly duplicated.

Therefore, thanks to the knowledge contained in this and other training modules available on our platform, you can increase your own sales effectiveness. Our training is industry specific, dedicated and relevant to Kbb and Merchanting.”

Simon Acres

Online course

We have prepared an online course,
thanks to this you can gain new clients
and learn to work smarter.

We will share with you tips and solutions
for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom,
that may help you increase your profit.

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By purchasing the course, you will receive access to our proprietary platform.

What are the benefits?

365 days access to the training content

5 engaging interactive training films you can complete at your own pace and available time

Interactive quiz to ensure course completion

Certificate of Achievement Personalised certificates will be sent to the attendees after training completion

Specific KBB Facebook Group where attendees can ask questions relative to the completed course content and the training tutor will provide the answers

You will increase the chances of closing the sale.
You will understand how simple changes can bring great benefits to your business.
You will save time and stop ending meetings with clients feeling as if you do not know what to do next.
Finally, you will understand your customers better and you will be more successful in the key process – closing a sale.
So it’s fair to say that you will earn more money by setting the machine in motion.

Still not sure if this course is for you?

If you are wondering if this course will actually help you, see who I have prepared it for.

  • You offer services and want to better respond to customer inquiries.
  • You are an employee of a kitchen furniture showroom and you want to increase your efficiency in closing the sale.
  • Clients choose your competitors too often and you want to increase your effectiveness.
  • You have a hard time figuring out the customer and you want to better respond to their needs.
  • You are applying for a job in the field of customer service in a furniture showroom but do not have a lot of experience.
  • You work with a client face to face and you want to prevent mistakes.
  • Often your customers come to you for the first time, but they don’t come back.
  • You want to develop your follow up process.
Customer engagement showroom sales training

No risk, satisfaction guaranteed!

Low-risk investment, sparkling feedback.
In the unlikely event, that you will not satisfy the knowledge refund can be requested.

And don’t forget to print your Certificate of Achievement


I have learned a lot from Simon’s videos and have implemented some of his techniques into my daily routine when dealing with customers. With this showroom specific sales training, I’m finding the customer tends to have a much better experience from our business as a whole and I am finding myself closing a lot more sales with ease. The modules have given me a huge boost in confidence when speaking with customers in all aspects.

Cwtch Haus Design in Wales

Complete Interactive Quiz

To ensure course completion, an interactive multiple-choice quiz is included

Print Certificate of Achievement

Now you can download personalised certificates after each training completion

Join Specific KBB Facebook Group

Where attendees can ask questions relative to the completed course content and the training tutor will provide the answers