Showroom Sales Training: Smart Tips and Solutions

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Simon Acres

This course is guide by Simon Acres, former Group Sales Director at Omega PLC & Retail Corporate Chairman of the KBSA Association.

Specific to kitchen & bathroom designers, this course will improve your customer engagement skills using a handful of tips and tricks.

What you’ll learn:

  • Techniques to research your target customer, pre-qualify them with positive response, ask the right questions from the start and guide them through your process.
  • How to develop a plan for your customer meetings, build enthusiasm for their project that is backed by your expertise, give them clarity by describing the benefits, use pictures to sell your design and never apologize for your success.
  • Control the sale by solving the problem (frustration), maximize your profit, mediate through clear communication, share sample materials and upsell when it means the most.
  • Strategy to present and close the deal, the importance of seating, effectiveness of demonstration, how to present the final price and tips on how to handle price objections.