Showroom Sales: Foundation Customer Engagement

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Specific to kitchen & bathroom designers, this course will help improve best practices in customer engagement, understanding needs, objection handling techniques, how to agree the next stage and alternative options in closing the sale.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understanding the sales process
  2. Engaging customers
  3. Handling objections
  4. Understanding buying signals
  5. Closing the sale

This course was built in partnership with Simon Acres, former Group Sales Director at Omega PLC & Retail Corporate Chairman of the KBSA Association.

Key Takeaways

Follow these steps for a successful sale.

  • Key takeaway 1. Know your customer

  • Key takeaway 2. Ask plenty of questions

  • Key takeaway 3. Understand frustrations

  • Key takeaway 4. Don't allow your customer to say no

  • Key takeaway 5. Plan your ask and what you will settle for

  • Key takeaway 6. Relay benefits, not features

  • Key takeaway 7. Control the next stage of the agreement

  • Key takeaway 8. Select the appropriate closing technique