Introduction To Showroom Appliance Sales by Ray Isted

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Course Objective:

It is important to understand a customer’s needs and the problems they need solving before they will be willing to make a purchase.

This course not only discusses the benefits each appliance can offer, but it will also take you through the steps to ensure a potential customer feels comfortable with not only the appliances in your showroom but that the advice you supply is from a trusted and knowledgeable source.

Please follow 8 films: Introduction To Showroom Appliance Sales

Online course content includes:

RI 01 Increase order value by bulding rapport

RI 02 Introduction to Showroom Appliances

RI 03 Multifunction oven

RI 04 Why to buy induction hob

RI 05 Modern microwave ovens

RI 06 The importance of a good fridge freezer

RI 07 Swap a dishwasher to the dishwasher

RI 08 Introduction to kitchen hood

Knowledge Check: Introduction To Showroom Appliance Sales