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Supported by Simon Acres Group Head Of Creative Kordian Pach, MD of TT Training Suzzane Skeete held her first webinar 6.30pm on Monday 6th April to help parents with advice and how to deal with children’s mental health given the challenges of the family being continuously at home.
Primarily, agreeing on a routine with your children and advice on how to expel energy was the primary message. If your children are being schooled at home, create a workstation environment that’s clean and avoids distraction.

Suzzane advised making tasks into fun games to help engage children willingly and more positively. Ask your children how they are feeling and Suzanne warned, depending on their age, against allowing children to understand too much negative news and to control what they are told. She went on to state that whatever you feel, your children will feel the same way too, so try hard to remain positive.

Remote family members such as Grandparents can be fantastic virtual support, will maintain contact and offer parents a welcome break.
Bedtime routine was discussed and as important as maintaining your children’s routine are parents going to sleep with positive thoughts. One way mentioned was to say out loud to yourself at least three times what you’re looking forward to that will help a restful night’s sleep. To support rest, a further helpful relaxation reference offered was Youtube`s, Jason Stephenson.

Tappy Twins are a non-profit making organisation and particularly at this challenging time, the organisation is in need of donations. Please visit that will support the helpline number (0330) 660 1274

Suzzane Skeete is happy to be contacted directly on (07507) 228319

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